Motivation is Not Only Important for Business and the Career World

10 Jan

Motivation is a great tool for anyone that wants to inspire the people around them. For example, today when I first start to tutoring fist graders. I realize that they aren’t able to focus for more than five-minute. Then they want to start talking about their personal life. However, when you tell them they are doing a “good job” they actually start to focus on the task. Another example, when I tutored my students in math and they were lacking in their multiples skill. I assigned a homework to study their multiples, but the next day when I asked for the homework, no one brought it to me. Again I assigned the same homework to my students and told them “if you do the homework I will give you a coupon to ‘Jack in the Box'”.  The kids that brought the homework to me the next day. The kids were happy when they got the reward. With anything we do in life we do better, when there is a reward involved. Even if that reward is simply verbal communication like “good job” or “tapped in the back”.


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