Steps You Take to Support Your Employees

9 Jan

Specific Steps toward supporting your employees to motivate themselves in your organization:

  1. Briefly write summary of what motivate you and what can motivate them
  2. Make a list of three to five things that motivate each employees
  3. Work with each employee to make sure the motivational factor taken in place in order to reward them.
  4. Meet with your employees one on one to know what your employees like to do during their free time.
  5. Include your delegation in conveying responsiblity and authority to your employees so they can carry the task.
  6. Reward your employees when you see your hard work.
  7. Implement at least the principles of performance management
  8. Make your goals SMART goals: Smart goals are specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and timely.
  9. Reward your employees for helping making your business profitable business.
  10. Celebrate the achievement

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