Motivation is a Great Spirit

7 Jan

I believe motivation is a great spirit. The reason it is great spirit because it encourage to work hard and make you put lot effort in your work. For example, when you are at work and you feel lazy about finishing your work in correct way. But when you manager come around and said you are doing awesome job John. The you will be trying your best to do the correct to make your boss happy.

Motivation is not only give you great spirit at the workplace. It also give great spirit at anything to work hard and put the effort you have in the work. For example, when I go to the gym and do CrossFit by myself I feel lazy after first round of “FRAN” and take five-minute rest then start round. But when someone is motivating me while I am doing “FRAN” I will be so happy to work hard and not take five-minute rest between first round and second round. This I believe motivation is the key factor work hard and to finish “FRAN” less than six-minute. I am putting a video what I mean “FRAN” than my audience will be not confuse.


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