Myth About Employee Motivation

6 Jan

Myth #1I can motivate people”

You can’t motivate people anymore than you can empower them

 Myth #2 “Money is a good motivator”

Not really, certain things like money, a nice office and job security can help people from becoming less motivated, but they usually don’t help people to becoming less motivated.

Myth #3 “Fear is a damn good Motivator”

Fear is a great motivator–for a very short-term.

Myth #4 “I know what motivates me, so I know what motivates my employees”

You might be motivated much more by recognition of a job well done.

Myth #5 “increased job satisfaction means increased job performance”

Increased job satisfaction does not necessarily mean increased job performance.

Myth #6 “I can’t comprehend employee motivator–it’s a science”

There are some very basics steps you can take that will go a long way toward supporting your employees to motivate themselves toward increased performance to their jobs.


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