Money is Not Big Motivator

5 Jan

So many people believe that money is not the biggest motivator tool for the employees at the workplace. The biggest motivator for employee is staff moral and the flexiablity.  One of the flexibility employee like to have is flexibility hours because people doesn’t want hassle around in the morning with getting the kids to school, eating breakfast, and manage time to go to work without being late to work. When they have flexibility hours when they could get work. Then they will be more motivate to work hard, put more effort, and they feel more relax when they work for the company.

However, for giving the flexibility hours to employee it could cost a lot of money from the company. While you going to feel that you are losing lot of money for giving the flexibility hour but if  you lose a profitable employee from your company. The video said you going to lose four hundred pounds each day for looking for employees.

To check if your employees is motivated if by your motivation. The video mention that you could give two performance review each year to see if your motivation work or not. It is real important to find out if your employee is happy.

In conclusion, it is really important to deal with problem as quicklly as possible. How to make your employee motivate to work.


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