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Motivation is Not Only Important for Business and the Career World

10 Jan

Motivation is a great tool for anyone that wants to inspire the people around them. For example, today when I first start to tutoring fist graders. I realize that they aren’t able to focus for more than five-minute. Then they want to start talking about their personal life. However, when you tell them they are doing a “good job” they actually start to focus on the task. Another example, when I tutored my students in math and they were lacking in their multiples skill. I assigned a homework to study their multiples, but the next day when I asked for the homework, no one brought it to me. Again I assigned the same homework to my students and told them “if you do the homework I will give you a coupon to ‘Jack in the Box'”.  The kids that brought the homework to me the next day. The kids were happy when they got the reward. With anything we do in life we do better, when there is a reward involved. Even if that reward is simply verbal communication like “good job” or “tapped in the back”.


Steps You Take to Support Your Employees

9 Jan

Specific Steps toward supporting your employees to motivate themselves in your organization:

  1. Briefly write summary of what motivate you and what can motivate them
  2. Make a list of three to five things that motivate each employees
  3. Work with each employee to make sure the motivational factor taken in place in order to reward them.
  4. Meet with your employees one on one to know what your employees like to do during their free time.
  5. Include your delegation in conveying responsiblity and authority to your employees so they can carry the task.
  6. Reward your employees when you see your hard work.
  7. Implement at least the principles of performance management
  8. Make your goals SMART goals: Smart goals are specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and timely.
  9. Reward your employees for helping making your business profitable business.
  10. Celebrate the achievement

Motivation is a Great Spirit

7 Jan

I believe motivation is a great spirit. The reason it is great spirit because it encourage to work hard and make you put lot effort in your work. For example, when you are at work and you feel lazy about finishing your work in correct way. But when you manager come around and said you are doing awesome job John. The you will be trying your best to do the correct to make your boss happy.

Motivation is not only give you great spirit at the workplace. It also give great spirit at anything to work hard and put the effort you have in the work. For example, when I go to the gym and do CrossFit by myself I feel lazy after first round of “FRAN” and take five-minute rest then start round. But when someone is motivating me while I am doing “FRAN” I will be so happy to work hard and not take five-minute rest between first round and second round. This I believe motivation is the key factor work hard and to finish “FRAN” less than six-minute. I am putting a video what I mean “FRAN” than my audience will be not confuse.

Myth About Employee Motivation

6 Jan

Myth #1I can motivate people”

You can’t motivate people anymore than you can empower them

 Myth #2 “Money is a good motivator”

Not really, certain things like money, a nice office and job security can help people from becoming less motivated, but they usually don’t help people to becoming less motivated.

Myth #3 “Fear is a damn good Motivator”

Fear is a great motivator–for a very short-term.

Myth #4 “I know what motivates me, so I know what motivates my employees”

You might be motivated much more by recognition of a job well done.

Myth #5 “increased job satisfaction means increased job performance”

Increased job satisfaction does not necessarily mean increased job performance.

Myth #6 “I can’t comprehend employee motivator–it’s a science”

There are some very basics steps you can take that will go a long way toward supporting your employees to motivate themselves toward increased performance to their jobs.

Money is Not Big Motivator

5 Jan

So many people believe that money is not the biggest motivator tool for the employees at the workplace. The biggest motivator for employee is staff moral and the flexiablity.  One of the flexibility employee like to have is flexibility hours because people doesn’t want hassle around in the morning with getting the kids to school, eating breakfast, and manage time to go to work without being late to work. When they have flexibility hours when they could get work. Then they will be more motivate to work hard, put more effort, and they feel more relax when they work for the company.

However, for giving the flexibility hours to employee it could cost a lot of money from the company. While you going to feel that you are losing lot of money for giving the flexibility hour but if  you lose a profitable employee from your company. The video said you going to lose four hundred pounds each day for looking for employees.

To check if your employees is motivated if by your motivation. The video mention that you could give two performance review each year to see if your motivation work or not. It is real important to find out if your employee is happy.

In conclusion, it is really important to deal with problem as quicklly as possible. How to make your employee motivate to work.

Why Motivating Employees is Important?

4 Jan

The reason motivated employee is a productive employee. Productive employee is a profitable employee. See if your way motivated your employee work? If your employee is not motivated, they become less productive, they will be less creative, and less of an asset to your company.

Another reason to motivated your employee is important because then your business could stay in business. However, with that mind, here is are some ways you can get your employees motivated, enthused, and ready to conquer your problems.

To receive the solution for your problem is:

  1. See what motivate me
  2. Understand what motivates my employees,
  3. Make your employees feel rewarded, recognized, and appreciated
  4. Vigorously manage your weak performers
  5. Allow your employees to express themselves
  6. Challenge your employees to greatness
  7. Create a positive environment
  8. Finally, don’t be afraid to have fun

What To Avoid

3 Jan

I am going to talk about what to avoid during motivating employees.

  1. Never use the but statement, when you motivating your employees.
  2. don’t motivate your employees with money.
  3. don’t motivate your employees through email and social networks. Motivate them face to face
  4. don’t wait to motivate your employees end of the year party or christmas party.
  5. don’t exaggerate when you motivating your employees.
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